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Workbylasch is the online portfolio of my collected works and accomlishments. I am available for freelance work ranging from simple print graphics to full website and app UI design.


Created by a life-long horseman and equine veterinarian with 20+ years of experience, HSVG helps you partner with your veterinarian to optimize your horse’s health.

Nike ™ Scoreboard

I recently designed an internal project management app for NIKE ™. This tool is aimed at C-level amanagers of all areas and helps to create easy project overview and make budgetary decisions


What is there to know

My name is Laura Schoebel. I am a UI/UX designer, currently based in New York City. I spcialize in the creation of beautiful, functional and intelligent concepts for the print, web and mobile sphere.

My goal is to bring experience, maturity, focus, knowledge, and a healthy amount of hubris to my job in order to tackle both technological and personal challenges. I am passionate about doing things right and doing them quickly. These are not antithetical; a proper knowledge of principles, action in the face of ambiguity, and diplomacy to coax the best from all can nurture a self-organized software team. Above all I want to invest in people I believe in and promote a company that I know represents my values.

Currently I work as Head of UX for Vega Factor, a small startup in the middle of Manhattan, that has taken it upon itself to bring change to the world by teaching our clients about TOMO. This stands for Total Motivation and is based on one simple (and scientifically proven) principle that “why we work determines how well we work”.
The work I do here is, for the moment, strictly confidential, but we are hoping to launch our platform to the open market very soon.

Stay tuned on more to come...

Wide range of expertise


Mobile design, for me, means designing applications that users love to look at and love to use. I am an expert in iOS and Android and know what it takes to make your app look and feel like the way it is supposed to.

Web Design

I create beautiful, hand crafted websites for all purposes. Based on current web development standards I ensure smooth layouts and seemless transitions between devices.


Wireframes are the foundation on which to begin building and are the core to great user experiences. Due to privacy rules with my clients I cannot showcase any, but a dropbox link to samples is available upon request.


All your corporate branding and identity tools including logo, stationary, flyers, business cards, brochures, email signatures.


My abilities in Print design range widely from posters, postcards, book and CD covers to more specialized items like boxes, mugs and other marketing materials.


Online Marketing is bigger than ever. Having worked for many local businesses I can be a great asset in helping you create an adwords campaign, Website SEO and Google Webmaster Tools like Analytics.

Most recent projects

filtter button
acme work image
ACME - The Dash Mobile App Design
digitalsky work image
DigitalSky Web Design
hsvg work image
Horse Side Vet Guide Web Design
nike work image
NIKE - Scoreboard Mobile App Design
coleman law group work image
coleman law group Website
cleveland clinic work image
cleveland clinic mobile app design
collegefession work image
collegefession mobile app design
gogoweed work image
harbordev llc Website
frequent love points work image
frequent love points mobile app design
CD coverwork image
Collection Print Designs Branding | Print

What I Have to offer

UI/UX Design
Angular 2
Adobe CC Suite

I am a deisgner in whose household the name Jacob Nielsen is not only pinned to the fridge but where the principles of functional UI are eaten, lived and dreamt. We live in a technologgical world and Design is where the magic happens. The graphical user interface of mobile apps and websites delivers the strongest message to your users, while the interaction flows determine where your app ranks on a scale of usability. A cohesive fusion of color palettes, typography and instinctive action flow sets a tone that should illuminate the personality of your brand and drive emotion and engagement from your audience. Even though mobile application design is very much an artistic process, I know that logic and strategy drive the most success.